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Welcome to Cashmere Presbyterian Church

Cashmere Presbyterian Church, Cashmere, WAYou've come to the right place. 

That is, if you are looking for a church with a friendly, family feeling that takes seriously the business of following Jesus. 

Serving Cashmere, Wenatchee, Leavenworth, East Wenatchee, Peshastin, Dryden, Monitor, and Rock Island.

Folks who drop in on our church’s Worship Service usually comment on what an open and friendly place we have.

If you are looking for answers to life’s questions, problems, or situations, we believe you will find the answer in Jesus Christ.  

At our church, we strive to keep Jesus at the center of what we do.

Browse around. If you see anything that interests you, give us a call.  Or better yet, drop by on Sunday mornings...


Cashmere Presbyterian Church's


10:30 a.m.

Street Address: 303 Maple Street, Cashmere, WA
Mailing Address:
PO BOX 243 CASHMERE WA 98815-0243
Telephone:  (509)782-2431
Email:  cashmerepres@me.com


* COFFEE HOUR following Service
* CHILDCARE available
NEED A RIDE? Let us know.




 Reverend Charles C. Clarke

Cell:  1-509-393-9445 
Email:  chuck.cashmerepres@nwi.net 
Office Hours:  WED 10-3, THURS 10-1 or by appointment


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